Sadhguru "Does Playing Games to Increase Focus is a type of Meditation"

Playing Games is a type of fun everyone wants in their life. Does playing games can increase focus your meditation or is it a type of meditation? Sadhguru has a very beautiful answer for that. I want to share this with all of you.

Sadhguru "Does Playing Games to Increase Focus is a type of Meditation"
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Someone asked “With the covid-19 confinement, There has been an increase in jigsaw puzzle coloring books and knitting. Can such activities which require a consistent focus on one thing and are repetitive. Bring a meditative state that people are unknowingly longing.”

In Lockdown, the use of Games has been increased, which needs a certain level of Focus and intelligence.

Well, if you read a book or do a jigsaw or whatever else.

A certain amount of Focus is needed.

Normally if you stay focused, let's say you got interested or involved in reading a book. You stayed Focus, absolutely focused on the book to a point where the surrounding disappeared slowly because the book got interesting.

That is called as Donna in yoga. That means you have a focus you and the book all that exists. The rest of the world has disappeared in that sense. There is some used to it.

And if you play jigsaw puzzle or crossword puzzle, something where you can be busy?

But if you're using the puzzle or whatever else more as a distraction, then as a way of focusing.

You're using your Focus as a way to distract yourself.

If you want to go somewhere, the first and foremost thing is to find out where am I right now? Even Google demands. Where are you?

If you ask the root for that place, even the Google Maps asks, Where are you?

World anyway is never the same again how it is today. It will not be the same way after ten days after the virus. what will happen.

There was a group of nuclear scientists from the nuclear scientist club.

One of them who was particularly pessimistic said the way we are going at it within ten years. There will be an explosion of cosmic proportions that will end everything.

Another scientist said I'm willing to take a bet on this. That's such a thing won't happen.

One 200 I'll bet on it.

So the other scientist has how you are so sure.

He said, see, it's not that I am sure of anything. It is just that if I win, I will collect my bet. If you win,

They'll be nobody to collect anything.

So jigsaw puzzles chess game all this is good for a little bit of time. But these are all distractions. It's not a solution. I'm telling you to make use of this time to enhance the life that you are. How do I do it? There are many ways to do it. The first thing is this, sit by yourself every day for one or two hours with us. Close the eyes.

It doesn't matter what the mind says doesn't matter your body struggles with it. Simply sit.

Life will change, believe me.


In the above words Sadhguru has answered to “Does Playing Games to Increase Focus is a type of Meditation