SA-Sports Empire Beowulf 360 Crossbow Review

If you are looking for a new SA Sports Empire Beowulf 360 Crossbow with many innovations and affordable prices, the SA sports empire aggressor, 360, is a good choice. The company produces sheets that are designed quickly and accurately. Hunters appreciate the curvature of SA sports for their lightweight design and ability to start a big game. It is worthwhile to add SA sport crossbows to your collection of high-quality hunting equipment.

SA-Sports Empire Beowulf 360 Crossbow Review
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It is highly ideal for hunting a Beowulf 360 because it is very light and compact. It is used to hunt Beowulf 360. It offers stealth and yet stays away from decent power. It offers all kinds of professional functions and specifications that passionate best hunters desperately need a high-quality best hunting machine.



         Most SA Sports are not for beginners but professionals. Therefore, they have high-speed, high train weight, and safety features. They are also very adjustable to fit almost any frame. Because we make them from aluminum, they are lightweight and easy to carry on the shoulder.


       SA Sports sells its products on its official website and in physical stores in the United States. We can also find their products on the Amazon website. We highly recommend them. There you can sometimes find the more expensive models in the SA Sport Crossbows category for sale and buy them at an even lower price!


  1. SA Sports Empire Beowulf 360 Crossbow

          Another review that we're going to share with you today is SA Sports Empire Beowulf's crossbow review. The SA Sport Beowulf herbal bow is another crossbow of professional quality with features and specifications that only the best hunter can see.

      This crossbow package from SA Sports Empire Beowulf contains the three carbon arrows, the 4×32 multi-range telescopes, and the side-mounted quick release with claw lever lock, hexagon wrench and assembly tools, and a rope binding device. It shows up with the synthetic rear stock and takes what makes it super light.


     The maximum speed it can generate is 360 feet per second, and it has a tow weight of 175 pounds. It is also one of the quietest crossbows on the market, making it great for a successful hunt. The overall dimensions of this SA crossbow are 34.5 x 22 x 8 inches, and it weighs 10 pounds.

     Some additional functions that it offers are ambidextrous auto security, anti-dry fire trigger, CNC-milled cams, and adjustable string stoppers. The color in which it comes is camouflage again. You will likewise get a manual with all the instructions so you can be sure you are using everything correctly.

SA-Sports Empire Beowulf 360 Crossbow




Power Stroke


Bolt Size:


Axle to Axle:



1 Year

Trigger pull:


Draw Weight:


Kinetic Energy:

115 ft. lbs.



Bow Weight: 





  • Detailed Specifications

2.1.1 Power and Accuracy:

         It offers an incredible speed of 360 FPS at around 115 feet. PAYE drives every shot, and target shooting is exciting and fun if you never know how far you will drive your arrows into the target and the backstop behind the goal.

  • Comfort

      As it is easy to set up, and even if you are setting up from scratch, at most, it may not take you 20 minutes. Once it's fully assembled, you can quickly feel it lightweight. It is because of its smooth operation and lightweight. We make the essential parts of aluminum with other giant machines, which are lightweight, durable, and very useful and can easily withstand accidental falls and fragments.


It has many machine cams that make it very easy to pull 175 pounds, and the included rope binding device makes it even more comfortable. A slim design makes driving easy. It also ensures that you can manipulate confined spaces.

  • Cocking a crossbow

      The excellent camera on the bow makes it easy to draw and cock, with a weight of 175 pounds. With the rope binding tool, you can increase understanding and draw them backward easily and securely until we integrate it.

  • Safety

         This unique crossbow has a standard anti-dry fire capable best fire system that gives special protection to you and the best device, which proves to be beneficial for you. This double layer of protection is enough to ensure that you don't get caught in a mess.

It has a comprehensive safety switch that is accessible from both sides. Special machines with machines can drain up to 65%. The trigger assembly also offers a 3.5-pound trigger that is likely to break evenly.



      SA Sports has a minimum one-year guarantee for this crossbow, which is relatively short, to prolong the command's life and ensure that no unnecessary challenges arise after one year. To extend the life of the bow, use different care methods for the crossbow.

  • Wax ropes and cables.
  • De-string the crossbow for extended storage.
  • Lubricate the guide of an arch.
  • Re-tighten the bolts periodically.


  • 4×32 multi-range scope
  • Side-mounted Claw lever latch quick detach quiver
  • Rope cocking device
  • Hex keys
  • 3 Carbon arrows



Key Features

  • It shoots bolts up to 360 feet per second.
  • It has ambidextrous auto security and an anti-dry fire trigger.
  • It is a four-wheel-drive crossbow made of limbs.
  • It comes with radical CNC machined cams and adjustable string stops.
  • It has an integrated hot spot Pica tinny track with an adjustable front handle.
  • It has a light synthetic rear vehicle and barrel.
  • It is suitable for every legal game in North America.


  • It's too quiet.
  • It is easy.
  • It has a gentle stimulus.
  • It's great for deer, greasy, and even black bears.
  • It is an excellent crossbow for beginners and professional hunters.
  • It has a Picatinny rail with a full barrel for accessories.



  • Its warranty period is short.
  • The scope has narrowed capabilities.