A close review of Getresponse for 2020

Summary Getresponse is one of the best marketing platforms that offer e-mail marketing as well as various landing pages, good CRM, and advanced automation. We rate them very cheap because of their high-quality features. Their admission plan is quite cheap, and they offer a big discount to NGOs.

A close review of Getresponse for 2020
review of Getresponse for 2020

A close review of Getresponse for 2020

GetResponse claims to be one of the simplest and best newsletter tools available with Tin Pro features. This is a very important claim, especially since the prices are so competitive. A Polish-based company has global reach in 182 different countries and claims to have over 1 billion customer claims each month, as with many emails.

In terms of various great features, they offer a lot more than most other good email marketing services. As simple as A / B it is from special types of tests to custom type landing pages, Comprehensive design testing for video and email marketing.

Such landing pages are usually very interesting because they are an important part of the conversion funnel, a new kind of feature that takes special care to generate traffic and a great online shop, including such payment operations. It can work well. Another notable feature is automation that enables advanced automated campaigns based on triggers / conditions such as cell or even location. Other types of tools offer automation, but most are not as powerful or easy to use.

With high-level plans, you can easily access a variety of webinar features, as well as built-in CRM. Extras that you cannot find only on a variety of email marketing platforms. That was definitely enough to get our business and ultimately we interested (now we use GetResponse for many of our own automated campaigns. So let us consider this tool.




Pros and Cons


Pros of using Getresponse

  • This gives you the best options for marketing automation.
  • You get a discount when you offer a year or two in advance. You will have a hard time finding similar discounts from big competitors.
  • The new feature of Auto Tunnel can be useful for those merchants who want to manage all aspects of sales funnels and e-commerce activities under their roof.
  • As long as you are happy to use the basic plan, Getresponse is cheaper than most of its main competitors (especially in key cases) and offers more, if not more, functionality.
  • It offers a great way to separate data. It is more flexible than most competitive products, especially Mailchimp.
  • It sends responsive emails and allows you easily review the Smartphone version of your e-newsletters.
  • Webinar functionality is a unique place to sell. It is something no other product offers.
  • The features of reporting and comprehensive distribution tests are strong.
  • Getresponse is transparent about delivery rates, publishes statistics on its website and provides statistics for the e-newsletters you send.
  • All of Getresponse plans come with a useful (if fiddly) landing page builder that makes A / B testing easy - something that could potentially save you a lot of money.
  • Custom DKIM provided for all projects.
  • It offers good tools for complying with GDPR.
  • All plans are available 24/7.





Cons of using Getresponse

  • Present-day email creator is complex and small (I may use the new version that is available in beta wherever possible).
  • The drag and drop interface for designing emails and landing pages is cumbersome and needs to be improved.
  • The new version of Email Creator does not yet allow you to design emails that can use in autoresponders or automated workflows.
  • The data collection forms provided is not responding.
  • Before an independent CRM product seen as an alternative, CRM functionality needs to be significantly improved.
  • There is no 2-factor authentication when registering.
  • Although an update is coming soon, some e-newsletters created in Getresponse are not currently appearing because they are in the Gmail mobile app.


Is Getresponse the best newsletter service for you?


Recommended if:

Do you want to capture customer leads:

We consider the best GetResponse is one of the few newsletter tools. we have experimented with, which was beautifully designed for this bound; it provides flexible shapes, landing page editors, Google Analytics integration, and sophisticated automation for segmentation and email that you can easily use to capture and nurture new leads. It is also possible to host live and on-demand webinars with them.

  • With the new conversion features, you can do it all in an organized way and better than conversions where you can easily track.

E-commerce:  Just like if you own a store online, you will find many of such features in GetResponse. That helps you sell more of your stuff - Platforms as well as integrations like Magento and Shopify, Abandoned Cart Companies, dynamic email content based on such purchases and sales tracking, because these are professional special projects.

If you choose a very affordable ESSENTIAL plan on your own, then as an e-commerce, you will benefit greatly from Getresponse Autofunnel Best Feature. Here you can set up and connect your good e-commerce site well and also start building your cell flip with landing and tank pages, various social media campaigns, and much more. Autofunnel is ideal for small businesses that sell products and services online.

Sophisticated automation: We are very impressed with GetResponse workflow builder, which enables you to set up automation for full operations, including assigning lead scores, sending emails, contact tagging and differentiation, and updating data. ۔ only available on advanced plans.


Not recommended if:

Solid deliverability rates: Deliverability should be a serious consideration for any such excellent email expert marketer. The Getresponse had the potential to improve our deliverability test. Deliverability rate may change, so we hope it will improve in your future.

After a free plan: GetResponse does not even offer a free framework plan. It is a free trial for 30 days only. If you need such a free newsletter service, you should check out these providers instead.

GetResponse Pricing

The four main price packages from GetResponse are divided into an autoresponder, unlimited landing pages, forms and surveys, Facebook ads, and a number of several "additional" features. If you are just happy with the intro features, you can stick to the "basic" option. However, most people want to upgrade to at least a "plus" package to allow "e-commerce" options, webinars, and sales.

4 GetResponse pricing plans:

  • Basic: $ 1,000 per month for 15 subscribers for unlimited email
  • Business: $ 1,000 per month for 99 customers
  • Enterprise: $ 100,000 per month for lists over 1,199 subscribers
  • Plus: $ 1,000 per month for 49 customers

There is a huge jump in prices between professional and enterprise, but you have to remember that you are getting 100 times more subscribers in your package. In addition, the enterprise comes with some additional bonus features that are especially suitable for large companies.

Specifically, the change in enterprise plan pricing depends on your needs and inventory size. The best thing you can do to make sure is the GetResponse Team. This will allow you to outline your specific needs with the staff.

Major Difference between Schemes

All GetResponse Pricing options come with some essential basics, such as:

  • RSS and blog-to-email functionality
  • Split test
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • Broad list segmentation
  • In depth reporting
  • Countless Email Templates
  • Email Database Import and Management
  • Social sharing tool

However, there are some important differences between basic, plus, and business plans that you should be aware of.

For example:

  • Automation Builder is only available for business plans or higher. This tool allows you to create sophisticated automated responses based on user behavior that will strengthen your relationship with your target audience.
  • Autofunal tools for customer care and sales improvement are only available in "Pro" or higher pricing schemes. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
  • GetResponse’s Customer Relationship Tool is only available for the Plus Plan package and beyond.
  • Webinar functionality is usually only available in the Plus scheme. As you have the option to host webinars as well as a plus package for only 100 people. This suggests that if you have a huge audience, you will need to upgrade.
  • With GetResponse's, you only get one user account for the actual plan which may not be enough for a large team.
  • E-commerce tools are only available when you are ready to upgrade to the Plus Plan. This means you cannot sell products on a basic level.

How is Billing Calculated?

With GetResponse, the most active users determine your monthly or annual billing during this period. This means that if your customer base suddenly increases and you do not pay for the correct package, it will charge you more.

For example, if you sign up for a 1,000 basic plan with about 15 customers, but your maximum list grows to 1,010 people in the third month of your package, you more than contact number will remain taken. This can be a daunting task for some companies, but it can also mean that you pay for what you use. There is no need to buy high grade in this case, as GetResponse will adjust your prices.

Another thing to note is that GetResponse treats each of your lists separately. This means that if you add an email address to multiple lists that email counts as multiple contacts. It is a little annoying because you pay extra to join the same person. That said, you do not pay for active users, which means you pay no additional fees for deleted email addresses, subscriptions, or returned email accounts.




The price you pay for GetResponse depends on the size of your email list and the nature of the features you want to access. This pricing structure means that when your business is ready, you make it easy to customize your equipment to meet your needs. You can start by selecting a list of features that you like the most and then naturally adjust your price as your customer list grows.

If you are looking for start-up features to nurture your marketing guidelines, most users can easily get started with a basic plan. However, if you want to access some more robust features, you can always upgrade to the next level with business plans. When it comes to e-commerce features and abandoned cart support, there is a huge leap between basic plans and essential options.

GetResponse is not the cheapest’ software, but it is also not, the most expensive. There is also a 30-day free trial for all price terraces from GetResponse to find out which option works best for you. We would definitely recommend taking a test before submitting your card details. See our full GetResponse review for more information.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software

CRM Integration

Manually updating such special lists of your mailing and requesting, handling a specific time can be very inefficient. Using the best email marketing service in conjunction with the best CRM software can be very successful in your email marketing as it can make a huge difference. A good CRM can help you break down email lists and create lists of targets, for example, the user's position, interest, location, or category. You can then seamlessly compose your own messages, add your own links, and follow the results of your campaign on the equal page.

Viewing and Reading Options

When it comes to mobile email and search, all mobile users offer desktop users. Because of this, being mobile-friendly and serving your mobile audience is no longer a choice but a requirement.

As fewer and fewer people use their special desktop to check their email, you need to choose a platform that makes your email visible on all platforms. If someone decides to read their device on your mail and the setting is everywhere, loading slowly or completely unreadable, you risk losing them right away.

Professional Looking Design

Consider that the particular platform you choose should also allow you to write emails that look professional to a certain extent. You should definitely review the templates that different platforms offer and make sure you review both icon-based and text-based templates. As unprofessional mailing is a surefire way to turn them off. So do not take such designs lightly. Bad wording can also damage your sender's reputation.

Pricing Structure

Note that not all email-marketing platforms charge the same. Some collect taxes from you on a list-centric basis, while others use consumer-pricing structures. The list of centralized platforms will charge you based on the number of users. For example, if one of your subscribers subscribes to over one of your lists, you will be billed for each listing that they have subscribed to. In the case of a user-oriented platform, however, you will only receive unique emails. If a subscriber subscribes to more than one list, you‘ll only be charged once for that particular subscriber.

Many companies are offering lucrative deals to first-time followers to sweeten the deal, and only you will face exorbitant prices when you exceed the number of free followers. Not only that, but some make it almost impossible to broadcast your mailing list, which can ruin your customer collection efforts. Before going for a free lunch, make sure to keep a close eye on the packages so you are not stuck on a rough deal after the trial is over.


Automation is one of the best aspects of great email marketing software, and if you want to choose a platform that is very easy to implement. With such automation, the most important thing is that you can send mail automatically as soon as you do something. This allows you to automatically, send a welcome email to your users when you sign up, send them a link for a bonus, and, for example, trigger an Auto responder series.

Make sure the automation tool of such a platform works. You will often use this tool as part of your marketing campaigns. So make sure it is easy, intuitive, and allows you to customize.

If you're looking for a more natural workflow that doesn't offer the current marketing the best automation tools, check out some cool email software (like Prospect.io) that will allow you to manually create your own email account. However, it does provide many help in meeting the way forward. Numerous email automation using such software; will ensure that your fireplace is full of leads to work all the time!

Customer Support

Lastly, you need to check how good the platform's customer support is before you make a choice. Whether you have difficulty understanding a particular feature or have made a mistake in doing so’ you must ensure that customer support is available to answer and guide you through such questions.

Check out how easy they are to get the most out of them; do they have an actual phone line or do they just work through such special emails? Is there a live chat option? How easy is it to talk to a real person with the help of a support line? These are just some goal-setting shareware that you can use.

Choosing the right and best email marketing software can literally hurt or affect your marketing efforts. Cut corners and do not use the advice to choose the right platform for your needs.

Email Marketing Buyer's Guide

How to choose email marketing software

  1. Analyze your email marketing needs

You must determine if you would like to purchase a service based on a variety of contacts or many emails. As different email, marketing companies are usually broken down into two different types of higher priced options: contact- or email-based. It is up to you what kind of plan you make right.

Adequate pricing based on different contacts charges you a monthly fee based on the number of contacts in your contact list. Most companies allow you to send unlimited emails to their customers each month, while some email marketing companies cap the number of newsletters you send each month.

The price you pay for each e-mail campaign based on your e-mail or the amount of e-mail credit you want to purchase fixed each month. Each credit allows you to send an email regardless of the number of different contacts in your list.

Compare Email Marketing Companies

Compare email-marketing companies with our email marketing comparison grid. You can easily estimate vendor prices, free trial length, features, and ratings based on value, client service, and reporting.

Read Email Marketing Reviews

Our email marketing reviews provide detailed data about the revised email marketing companies on our website. We have listed the pros and cons for each supplier and ranked them based on ease of use, customer service, reporting and features so you can quickly and easily relate and choose the best plan.

Sign Up for an Email Marketing Software Free Trial

When you're looking for email marketing companies, sign up for a service that suits your needs. All testing providers on our website offer a free trial version. So check out a paid plan before signing it.


Check out your email marketing software


After signing up for email marketing software, try it. Try uploading contacts using their contact management system. Create and send email campaigns. Check out some of their functions. Call customer service. All of these actions should give you an idea of ​​how your service will be.

Who uses email marketing software?


Email marketing is not just for marketers. With just one employee, many companies, from the smallest to the largest, want to send e-mail newsletters to their customers. With email marketing software, sending an email campaign is much easier than doing it yourself and much cheaper than hiring a designer. Email marketing software is ideal for anyone looking to send a professional-looking email to a large group of people.


GetResponse Review: Integration

You can use more than one user in your marketing campaigns. You will need sales tools, website creation solutions, and even CRM and billing software. This means that it is always a useful tool for connecting well with others.  There are only over 100 integrations to choose from, there is something for each, including:

  1. Amazon payment
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Clickdesk
  4. Google makes contact
  5. JustUno
  6. MailSync
  7. Freshbooks
  8. Drupal
  9. Formstack
  10. Joomal
  11. Etsy
  12. Google adwords
  13. Lightspeed
  14. Facebook pixel
  15. Convertful




GetResponse Review: Automation

GetResponse Auto Responders

One of the most valuable automation offers from GetResponse is this impressive auto response. These are the emails, you send to your audience at regular intervals that are set out in your marketing plan. After signing up your customer list, you can email someone or give him or her discount to encourage him or her to buy when gets out of your car. GetResponse offers the option to send time-based and action-based messages, including various triggers and auto-rebounders:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Changes in contact preferences
  • Birthday's
  • User Data Changes
  • Complete transaction Auto Responders
  • Approval

Marketing automation funnel

GetResponse has also developed a new version of the autoresponder feature called Marketing Automation that lets you create a flow chart when a user does something specific, such as clicking on a link.

Throughout Milan, the more choices of GetResponse automation tools, the more impressive the whole experience. You can really create a unique way of interacting with your user that you can imagine. There are also varieties of pre-made templates in the Autoresponder environment that you can use to pursue the goals that are relevant to you.

For example, if you select a reception template, you can add specific actions, situations, and more to determine how you want to play with the customer at any given moment.



GetResponse AutoFunnel

For those who really want to work harder with their marketing efforts, Gate Response has another new feature called "AutoFunnel". GetResponse Sponsorship is becoming a complete solution for e-commerce business.

  • Design landing page
  • Drive pages for sale with Squeeze Funnels
  • Manage transactions
  • Send email to abandoned car customers
  • Create Product Catalog
  • Create facebook campaign
  • Add autoresponder cycle customers

As the name implies, GetResponse gives you easy access to everything you need to speed up your sales and run without the need for additional apps and coding. This is a great way to go if you are just going to the market.



GetResponse is an effective and easy-to-use email-marketing tool for today's audience. However, like any advertising service, it is important to make sure that you are constantly updating and improving your campaigns.

This is where customization functions come into play. From customer distribution to A / B testing, you need everything to optimize your campaigns.

GetResponse Segmentation Options

One of the most impressive features is GetResponse, which makes it easy to send or delete multiple people in your data section at the same time. This is not always the case with competitive events like AWeber. For example, if you have three classes in GetResponse, A, B, and C, you can send them all together or individually, depending on which checkbox you select.

If you want to design your mailing more clearly, you can also separate multiple categories if you want and do it with individual lists.



GetResponse A / B Testing

Another way to improve your campaigns at GetResponse is to have some great fun testing tools available. GetResponse A / B testing functionality is far more extensive than its competitors, as you can test up to five messages against each other at the same time. You are usually limited to three partitioning options with tools like MailChimp.

The only downside is that this A / B functionality is a bit difficult for beginners to spot and use. To get started, you need to keep track of the distribution settings in your newsletter creation tool - no matter what. GetResponse will make it very easy to create a specific tab for A / B testing.



Analytics and A / B Testing Reporting

If your email campaigns know exactly how they work, GetResponse has some great options. You can access a variety of analytics and reporting options as needed. In addition, you can put your results in different formats such as tables and charts.


Reporting features

  • One-Click Distribution: The option to reach people you haven't clicked on in a previous newsletter and put them on a new unique list to reconnect.
  • Per-User Information: In GetResponse you will find useful user data from CRM functionality
  • Matrix over time: What steps do your customers take at specific times? Use this information to customize your mailing schedule
  • Newsletter Performance Comparison: See how your two broadcasts work together.


  • Email ROI: Check the tracking code on your website sales page and see how effectively you are increasing your sales.


GetResponse CRM

GetResponse is different from other email automation tools in that it offers functionality in all of them. In other words, a software solution can help you with everything from marketing to content management to sales. GetResponse recently added a new CRM functionality to its package but continues to help differentiate it from marketing tools’ CRM is relatively simple and allows companies to create sales pipelines, add contacts to specific lists, and track activity with contacts such as B. How many emails you have sent or called.

CRM is also integrated with all the email marketing functions provided by GetResponse , so you can combine your advertising activities with more detailed advertising solutions. GetResponse also allows users to add CRM to the pipeline, such as email open stage, form filling, shopping, etc. It is possible to activate autoresponders based on the activity that people have in the pipeline.

In addition to CRM functionality, you can send automated emails to people based on the work done on your website and then follow the person who, over time, will automatically take you to another step in your pipeline.

It's hard to find email automation tools that offer similar functionality at a lower cost. For example, Salesforce, Hubspot , and InfusionSoft are usually very expensive. However, for CRMR functions, some functions are missing in the GetResponse's functionality.

For example, email activity tracking is not available. If you are working on long-term well-known dietary strategies, you cannot record communication in the contact history. In addition, if you want to learn more about them when you click Contacts in your Dell pipeline, you won't see much contact activity associated with past activity. To view this information, you need to exit your email-marketing tool and find your contact in the GetResponse's CRM segment. There is also no task management features - a common feature in many dedicated CRM tools. You cannot assign tasks to certain team members, for example, tracking cell pipelines and cross-cell campaigns.

Additionally, adding contacts to your CRM pipeline is not as easy as it should be. You first need to create a complete list, and then go to the CRM pipeline to add business strategies and find the contacts you want to connect with; After all, it is a time-consuming and frustrating experience.


The best GetResponse has actually come through a variety of equipment, managing to provide both the best features and ease of use, most of which are particularly lacking in other newsletter tools. We noted the excellent automation mechanism for inventory management, as well as its flexible and intuitive automation workflow.

Most editors can walk around with a little of ease while performing certain tasks, but their templates are responsive and useful enough to create something useful. There is even a special app available for iOS mobile and Android mobile that allows you to not only track but also send newsletters on the go.

With a long list of powerful best-in-class features, such as landing pages and even webinars, and now with the different features of their new Autofunnel, GetResponse is definitely doing some great work. While it would be nice to see an increase in salvation rates, GetResponse scores in most other different areas are quite good. As an email marketing tool, it is definitely versatile enough to do everything you need to. We have definitely found this to be the case with Email Tool Tester's own email campaigns, and it is a tool; we have some reservations about recommending to others.

GetResponse is an excellent email-marketing tool for businesses looking for email automation, affordable CRM solutions, and a wide range of templates. When compared to similar devices in the market, GetResponse also offers a relatively competitive price.

Another note is that when it comes to email marketing, GetResponse is an excellent email-marketing tool for businesses looking for email automation, affordable CRM solutions, and a wide range of templates. When compared to similar devices in the market, GetResponse also offers a relatively competitive price.