How to Write a Post in Ask Joker ?

How to Write a Post in Ask Joker ?

let's get started to write a post in Ask Joker. Writing a post is not that much difficult task. You just need to have a detailed knowledge about any Topic and you can write it . Follow the steps to Create a Post in Ask Joker :

  • Step 1

:  Login to your Account Here.

  • Step 2

:  Click on "Admin Panel".

  • Step 3

:  Click on "add Post/add Video".

  • Step 4

: Fill the details as Follow :   

  1. Title :

Title must be catchy so that viewers can read your Post through Catchy Title.

  • 1. Top Most Biggest  Malls in India
  • 2. Kokan the Beauty of Maharashta
  • 3. 5G : A Technology that Changed the World
  • 4. How to make Delicious Ice-cream?
  • 5. Health tips for Good Health
  • 6. Most visited Places for Tourist in India.
  1. Slug :

The slug needs to be remained empty as it is automatically generated. 

  1. Summary and Description(Meta tag) :

As the name denotes write a short Summary or Description about the Topic. Mention all the points that you are going to Explain.

  • 1. Kokan - India's spectacular KonkanCoast starts south of Mumbai in Maharashtra and extends for more than 700 kilometres (435 miles) to Goa's border with Karnataka. The Konkan Coast in Maharashtra offers a bounty of beautiful beaches, which are among the most pristine in the country.
  • 2. How to make Drone - That's why commercial dronesare in great demand nowadays, but have you ever wondered how to build a DIY drone from scratch? Making a drone from scratch.
  • 3. Iphone 11 pro - Apple in September 2019 unveiled the new iPhone 11 Proand iPhone 11 Pro Max with triple-lens cameras, A13 chips, faster Face ID, Night ...
  1. Keywords(Meta tag) :

This field contains the expected keywords for which you want to rank your Post.Keywords must be related to the Post and must highlight the Main points in the Post. The keyword work as a Question to google search and Your post will work as a Answer to that Keywords. Include title in keyword to enhance your search result.

  • 1. Iphone 11 pro. Iphone 11 Pro Specifications, Iphone 11 pro Camera review, Iphone 11 Battery 
  • 2. How to make drone, Drone camera , DIY drone Camera, Drone Assembling
  1. Show only to registered users :

This button is used to make the post visible only to the registered users of This option is available for paid posts.

  1. Tags :

This option refers to the post sub-categorization. It is used to Differentiate posts according to their types. It can also be known as subcategory of post. (Note :- Don't use ' # ' for Tagging). Just write tag and hit Enter.

  • 1. Apple, Mobile, 
  • 2. Health, Coronavius
  • 3. Drone, DIY
  • 4. Technology, 
  1. Optional URL :

This is an optional field. So let it remain empty.

  1. Content :

This is the most important field to write. Here the data must be in a Specific Manner. Content should be Plagiarism Free. If you want to check the Plagarism of Content Visit Here. For the coding view Click "<>" under the Menu. You can also add tables, images, videos, and much more. Add as required to make a post effective. 



Sub point-1

Sub Description

Sub Point-2

Sub Description

    1. Image ( Main post image ) :

    This is used to upload image which would appear as Post Image. This image must be less than 50 kb and must have a ratio of 4:3. 

    1. Additional Images :

    This is used if you want to add multiple images for a single post. The post with additional images are automatically added to the slider on website.

    1. Files :

    This is used to upload files with the Post for Download to the visitors

    1. Category :

    Select the appropriate category for the post. All the categories are already added to AskJoker.

    • Publish 5

    Hurrrayyyy....! Congratulations your Article is ready to Post. Click Publish to send for Approval on Website.  

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