How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account? | Why Create a Free Mailchimp Account?? | What is Email Marketing | askjoker

In this article we are create Mailchimp Account to increase your marketing and publicity of Business with Email Marketing. Different kinds Services provided by Mailchimp users for free Like Integrations, Importing Contacts, Domain Overview. What is Email Marketing in 'Digital Marketing'. How to Create an Email Campaign with Mailchimp.

How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account? | Why Create a Free Mailchimp Account?? | What is Email Marketing | askjoker
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What is Email Marketing? And It's Types?

Email marketing: Email marketing is the step of Sending a message, usually using email. In its broadest sense, each email delivered to a current or proposed client might be considered advertising. It entails using email to ask the organization to send ads or request donations or sales.

Email Marketing

Types Email marketing:

  • The Cart Abandonment Campaign
  • The Re-Engagement Campaign
  • The Welcome Email Series
  • The Normal Promotional Campaign
  • The Seasonal Campaign
  • The Triggered Mail Series
  • The Post-Purchase Drip
  • The Connect-Via-Social Campaign
  • And the Exotic

What is Mailchimp?

Official Website : Click Here!

Mailchimp is email support and an advertising and marketing automation system.  The stage is the trading name of its operator, an American company founded in 2001 and Dan Kurzius, by Mark Armstrong and Ben Chestnut.

To send e-mails into some collection of contacts that are e-mail and receive analytics on those attempts, you want to establish an account using an e-mail service supplier.  There are many choices on the market, but the one I use and recommend is MailChimp.  It works on almost any website.

How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account?

Steps to Create Mailchimp Account:

Step 1: Go to

  • Click on SignUp Free and Enter your Email , Username and  Password .
  • Check your mail account for activation link.

Step 2: Choice free Plan

How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account

  • Choose free plan with 0 charges annd complete purchase Summary.
  • After than complete your account setup., Then you will redirect with bellow page.

Step 3: Integrations of Social Media and Export Contacts

  • View all Integrations

  • Then Integrate all social media and E-commerce integration application and website builder like wordpress.

How to Create a Free Mailchimp Account 1

  • Here we should upload with file or Copy paste one by one.

Step 3: Email Domain Overview

  • You have to verify your email domain.

    And enter verification code.

After completion of all free registration process, Mailchimp gives the following Services:

  • Create and send  email to your contact.

  • Set up of automated email.

  • Social Media Post
  • Market research survey.
  • Tag your contacts.
  • View and Manage your Campaigns.
  • Create and Manage your Website and Domain.

Free Mailchimp Account 1

 Email Marketing Analytics

Analyze the results of the campaign because this is the critical opportunity for you to explain the data learn from your successes or failures so that you can get better as you go forward.
Email Marketing Analytics is a critical piece of understanding and analyzing the metrics. That is how you're going to learn if you're not entirely happy with the results you got.

Create Your Marketing Research Survey Using Google Forms