How to get e Aadhaar Card PDF Password | WILL BE PASSWORD TO OPEN IT

If you have lost the original copy of your Aadhaar card in any way, you can also get it as e-Aadhaar. To do this, you need software and a special password. Today we will tell you which software and password to print for e-Aadhaar from the UIDAI website.

How to get e Aadhaar Card PDF Password | WILL BE PASSWORD TO OPEN IT
How to get e Aadhaar Card PDF Password | WILL BE PASSWORD TO OPEN IT

If your original base is lost or you are relocated somewhere, you can use E-Aadhaar instead. To get it, you need special software on your system and a special password that you need for it. Today we will provide you with all the information about where you can download this software related to e-Aadhaar and how you can use it. You will also be asked for a password at the time of printing. Finally, this password e-Aadhaar How is it needed and how do you get this password? If your questions are like this, let us tell you we will answer these questions today. Before we start, however, we would like to inform you that under the Aadhaar law, E-Aadhaar is just as valid as your original Aadhaar.

When we talk about the software required for e-Aadhaar, let us know that you need Adobe Reader for your e-Aadhaar. That said, we tell you that the Indian Unique Identification Authority also provided the establishment of e-Aadhaar (UIDAI). That is why we have informed you above that you can also print e-Aadhaar.


  1. First go to UIDAI official website.
  2. Click here to order Aadhaar Reprint at
  3. Add your Aadhaar number or your virtual Aadhaar ID here.
  4. Enter the security code (captcha) in the field below.
  5. Click the Request OTP button.
  6. Enter the received OTP in the field and send it.
  7. After submitting the OTP, a new page will open asking you to submit a reprint fee. You can make this payment by credit card, debit card, net banking, or UPI.
  8. After payment, the registration page opens, which you can save as a PDF at the end of the reference. Your Aadhaar card will be sent to the address on the card.
  9. Do not give your Aadhaar number or personal information to unauthorized parties for unique identification, according to the Indian agency.
  10. Some time ago, UIDAI issued a statement that paper Aadhaar cards are sufficient, and smart Aadhaar cards or plastic cards are not required.

What about e-AADHAAR extract passwords?

It is very easy to tell you that the first four letters of your name, that is, the first four letters of the English alphabet, must first be entered in capital letters, then you must enter the year in which you were created. Will For example, if your name is Ashwani  Kumar, and you were paid in 1990, you must enter ASHW1990 as the password here. However, if someone's name is only three letters long, you must enter the first three letters of the name and then the year of your money. With this password, you can print this downloaded e-Aadhaar.