Epic Games PC Store was down for hours as everyone tried to get GTA V for free

Just as after these eight hours of downtime, the epic-worthy video game retailer will even appear online again, which means you'll finally have until May 21 to steal the Rock Star's hit Grand Theft Auto V. There is a great need to announce Grand Theft Auto V for free.

Epic Games PC Store was down for hours as everyone tried to get GTA V for free
Epic Games PC Store was down for hours as everyone tried to get GTA V for free

The epic video game retailer was counting down to the free title-related launch at 11:00 a.m., and we learned last night that the first tweet posted via Epic Video Games' official Twitter account had been retrieved. There may be GTA V Still, for the duration of the sports deals, it's possible that when people tried to update the location status skills to the free title, Epic when the sports contract ended. Retailers influenced epic game titles.

Epic confirmed the failure of a tweet at 11:55 a.m. ET, with this tweet at 12:58 p.m. ET, the company noted that the store still has points:

As the store's heaviest viewers on such a website may have met a variety of epic companies quite a few times, as a worthy official Fortnite Twitter account specifically mentions that Epic PC and Mac Is investigating the matter, and it was later announced that there are many more points on iOS and have been given to Android. The cellular recovery of the breakers of the epic war faced additional aspects of the day. As reported by the Epic Status Page, all Fortnight and Battle Breakers are now fully operational again.

Through Epic, you can make a special announcement of the premium version of GTA V, excluding or in addition to the provided Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, "The Complete GTA V Story, Grand Theft Auto Online, and Compatible with the latest game play content and all the newest content. Through Studio, you will find additional material for GTA on the Internet and a special bonus of US ، 1,000,000.

Before you grab your copy, you need to understand that Epic now needs two-factor authentication, for example, for free video games. When you need information about how to verify two-factor for your account, you can follow the Epic here.

Apex has won dozens of free titles since launching its PC retailer in December 2018. In January, the company plans to launch free video games by 2020.

14:20:19 we can change ET: The epic video game retailer reappears online, and you should now be able to announce your free copy of GTA V.