How to become a professional dancer for the Film Industry | askjoker

Do you want to be a background dancer in the film or TV industry? If you want to know if the background dancer Qais is banned in the film, then in this post we will tell you in detail about the feasibility of this career. With the help of which you can easily make a career in background dance in film or TV.

How to become a professional dancer for the Film Industry | askjoker
become a professional dancer for the Film Industry| askjoker
How to become a professional dancer for the Film Industry | askjoker

By the way, you have all seen the actor or actress dancing in movies. But have you ever noticed the people who are dancing behind them, then let us tell you that these dancers are called background dancers.

These background dancers get thousands of rupees in every show. If you are working as a background dancer in a Bollywood movie or a Southern movie, you can earn a lot of money. Therefore, background dance has emerged as a great career option.

Film Industry Background Dancer

Dance is an important part of the film industry. Hindi cinema cannot be imagined without dance. Therefore, a brilliant career as a background dancer can be made in the film industry. To make a career in this field, the most important thing is that you have a passion for dance. When you have a passion for dance, you can easily succeed in this field.

To be a background dancer in Bollywood or other film industry, you have to be a stronghold of your dance. For this, practice regularly. Which will make your dancing hunk even better

If you think you need to improve your dance skills, you should join a good dance institute and get proper dance training. Who will help you understand the nuances of this field? After that, you can look for a job as a background dancer in the film industry.

Career scope as a film background dancer

In today's film industry, there is no shortage of work for dancers or background dancers. There are a few twigs every day, in which you can have the opportunity to work as a background dancer.

If you have a good understanding of dance, then you can also work as a choreographer in a film, which has no income limit. Nowadays, many dances groups have also come into existence, you can join these dance groups and earn a lot of money. You can earn even more if you join a popular dance group like Ramo D'Souza or Shyamak Davar.

There are dance competitions on many TVs these days, you can take part in these dance competitions. You can make a name for yourself by winning them. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field right now, you need to build capacity.

Career course in background dancing

To make a career in the field of dance, you don't have to take any dance course. If you get good dancing, then you can make a great career as a background dancer without any course.

If you do not dance properly, then you can join a good dance institute. Let us now tell you which courses you would like to take to make a career in this field.

  1. Background dancing career course
  2. Bachelor in Performing Arts
  3. Diploma in Performing Arts
  4. In dance
  5. Diploma in Dance
  6. Certificate in Dance

Dance courses in BA and Bachelor in Performing Arts are 3-year courses. Admission to these courses is on the basis of entrance examination in some government colleges and in others only on the basis of merit. For these courses, the candidate must pass 12th in any stream. Fees for performing arts courses in government calls are very low. These fees range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.

If you do a diploma or certificate dance course in dance from a private institute, then the fees in good colleges for these courses can range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. It is beneficial to take courses from these institutes as most of these institutes are run by choreographers and filmmakers, where you also have knowledge of the field and it may be easier to get a job.

Professional profile in dancing

If you don't want to work as a background dancer or don't get a job, there are also many career opportunities in the field of dance, such as:

  • choreographer
  • Dance college
  • function
  • Film industry
  • Reality show
  • Television industry
  • Perform dance group
  • Art center
  • Music video production house
  • Film production house
  • Advertising industry

  1. Dance teacher
  2. Dance teacher
  3. Dance criticism
  4. Rehearsal manager
  5. Stage artist
  6. Dance assistant
  7. Dance therapist
  8. Freelance dancer
  9. Where do you get a job?
  10. Dance institute

College of Performing Arts and Dance Course

  1. Shyamak Davar School of Performing Arts, Delhi, Mumbai
  2. Sangeet Natak Academy, Delhi
  3. Ravindra Bharti University
  4. Nav Sadhana Art Center
  5. Vishwa Bharati University
  6. Tilak Maharashtra University
  7. Punjab University
  8. Chandigarh University
  9. University of Hyderabad
  10. Mysore University
  11. ITA School of Performing Arts
  12. Natya Institute for Kathak and Choreography, Bangalore