What is a three-level voltage regulator and what is it for?

What is a three level voltage regulator and what is it for? It is a device that automatically maintains AC voltage at the terminal of the vehicle generator. It is located in the side panel. This device is usually necessary to charge the car battery.

What is a three-level voltage regulator and what is it for?
What is a three-level voltage regulator

The three-level voltage controller has a self-installing voltage on the side of the car, and its panel or brush type assembly (depending on the modification of the device) is directly on the generator. The voltage level controlled by it is changed using a three-position toggle switch built into the regulator of the generator, according to the following conditions:

Minimum - Voltage level does not exceed 13.6 volts. When the air temperature ranges from zero to twenty to twenty degrees Celsius, for example with long lifts.

Normal - voltage level does not exceed 14.2 volts. It is installed when the car operates at an air temperature of minus plus twenty degrees Celsius.

Maximum - Voltage level of 14.7 volts. The car needs to run at zero temperature after a long idle time of the car, and would be largely discharged if the extra power consumers were involved or the TV set, refrigerator and car radio were connected to the battery.

The use of the vehicle by the owner makes such a device like a three-level voltage regulator, not only to completely solve all problems from battery charging but also to significantly increase its service life. ۔

The voltage regulator built directly into the generator, which has negative temperature compensation, cannot control the temperature outside the generator, so the temperature inside the generator can sometimes exceed 100 ° C. Here we should also mention the fact that if you have extra load, i.e. lights, stoves, glass heaters, etc. - The battery can also be discharged from the working voltage regulator and engine running.

The three-level voltage regulator was designed to protect the driver from adverse conditions, and. This tool has proven its reliability and certainty many times over. For all such products, the manufacturers of such devices offer a brand guarantee from the date of sale. Three tier voltage regulator for road transport

Means individual branded packaging, and the manufacturer packages detailed instructions for installation and work. Even a beginner - no special knowledge, can perform installation, or more precisely, the installation of such an essential device as a three-tier voltage regulator, and equipment is required. Three-level voltage regulators are used as standard substitutes.