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The FCRA is a subsidiary body under which any social service organization or NGO can receive financial assistance or grants from abroad, in addition to using these grants for social work and national interest. Required People get a lot of benefits and convenience from it. This organization is a simple organization. So if you also want to know about FCRA, what is FCRA here? Information on the full form of the FCRA, the FCRA Act, is being provided.

What is FCRA | Fair Credit Reporting Act | askjoker
What is Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The FCRA is a simple organization from which any aid organization or NGO can easily get some benefits abroad. Also, if the foreign financial help or grant is in any way detrimental to the national interest or any wrong or dubious activity is wrong, the government should first take into account the foreign financial help and then take the grant from it. Because, not long ago, many social service organizations and NGOs were banned from receiving foreign funds in India due to fears that these financial grants were being misused. Therefore, he was asked to stop immediately.

In addition, some time ago, the Home Ministry canceled the registration of FCRA accounts of eight higher educational institutions such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, IT Kanpur, and Jamia Millia Islamia due to incorrect accounts of FCRA accounts. Are | Due to the cancellation of registration, these organizations can no longer receive foreign donations unless they provide the government with full information on foreign financial assistance.

FCRA full form

The full form of the FCRA is the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, known in Hindi as the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. The NGO or community organization that receives this partnership may also obtain a foreign partnership, which may include a specific cultural, economic, educational, religious or social program, section of the FCRA, 2010A 'Individual' Section 2 (1) (m), with the permission of the former Central Government, or with the Central Government itself, until the persons mentioned in 3 are expelled.


Use of foreign contribution

Currently, foreign contributions are being used for reserves or domestic funds. Also, it can no longer be used with any bank account. Foreign contributions can also be received in rupees as any money received in rupees or foreign currency from a 'foreign source' is used as a 'foreign contribution' under the law. In addition, such transactions are considered foreign cooperation in the rupee period.

Procedure to change the designated bank account

The proposed change of bank account of an old bank account and registration for it under FCRA along with details of the proposed new bank as well as the proposed bank, name/address form of the society; New bank details will be required, with a change in the copy justification account, with the change in the designated account from the proposed bank, the account of the resolution of the executive committee for the certificate can be provided to the Ministry of Home Affairs, now this account is being opened. For CRA | in it, the form for opening an account has been obtained on the website https://mha.gov.in/.