5 Best TIG Torches from Cost to Pro models in 2020

These reviews of the five best TIG flashlights found online in 2020 reflect the total of all torches. There are some great options, but each one is designed for different purposes, the best tug torch for pipe welding are available online, if you want to buy the best tug torch for pipe welding, then you go to the online store. We will review your strengths and weaknesses, and then there will be a shopping guide that will help you find the right one for you.

5 Best TIG Torches from Cost to Pro models in 2020
Top Best TIG Torches from Cost to Pro models in 2020
5 Best TIG Torches from Cost to Pro models in 2020
  1. CK FL150 Air-Cooled TIG Torch Ki t

           The CK FL150CK FL150 is the absolute best air-cooled TIG torch available online and the best TIG torch for tube welding. This (Weldtec) Speedway TIG is in the cost range of a torch. There is a good reason for this: wonderful comfort and resilience to achieve any welding position.

        It has only one element length lead, which can be unfortunate if you walk with it. However, it is designed for the relief and flexibility that the brief line offers. The cost also shows how much work we have done to expand its performance in the torch because lead is low.

       The air-cooled TIG torch CK FL150 was developed best tug torch for pipe welding so that no other TIG welding is a child's play as pipe welding is the most difficult to maneuver. If you can afford to pay a little more and want an air-cooled torch in the market, we recommend this option.




150 Amp

Cable Type

1-Piece Super-Flex

Rated Output

150 Amp ACHF or DCSP


Air Cooled

Head Style


Consumable Series

3 Series

Torch Style



12.5 ft

Torch Series


Gas Valve

Does Not Have Gas Control Valve






What Series Torch?

Once you know your torch series, you don't need to look for more supply and replacement components.

2 Series: torches includes 9, 20, 200, 230FL2L, 100, 110, 130, WCM230, COM 230, CWH 230 torches, and other famous torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec, and Profax with related designs.

3 Series:  torches include 17, 210, 300, 18, 26, 150, and 510, Trimline, FL3L, CKM350, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM350 and other famous torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with related designs.


  • The Flex-Lock torch features a 360-degree torch head with variable Torch head and can be locks in any position.
  • The exchange head enables configurations and head sizes.
  • Ideal for walking the cup, ideal for "cup walking" and open root welds.



  • Medium-length lead
  • Air-cooled
  • Highly comfortable
  • Flex-lock head


  • Higher price






        With CK20-25 TIG Torch worldwide, each welder can easily connect with most standard TIG welders and weld quickly. It will serve you at 250A. One of the established names of welding equipment is CK Worldwide. They are 100% behind their product and quickly replace any defective parts or products.

        So if you are looking as a welding torch that most works with high amperage (approximately 250 AMP) featuring high wrap and comfort, you can use it. It involves this with the water cooler welder's torch path.

       The contacts are quality, and the handles could be comfortable for the customer's hand. The handle mutual with the cooling program allows the operator to use the Torch for a long time.

        The length of the idea of torch hoses is generally ideal for industrial uses. However, some consumers are blessed with complained that the hose pipe gets too hot just after prolonged use. Besides our hassle of the hose, this Torch is more than perfect to operate. The problem of line heating can be conveniently overcome by covering them.


Power Rating: The most crucial factor is the cost of electricity generated by the machine to which we connect your burner. The TIG welding torch should have low equal amperage that is preferably higher than the welder. If we rate your TIG machine to 250 AMP, you will demand a torch with at least 250 AMP. Otherwise, it will overheat, cause a fault, and burn you.



Product information


CK Worldwide

Part Number


Item Weight

2.95 pounds

Product Dimensions

300 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches

Item model number



  • Above 4 times the surface for peak heat removal
  • Attaches to standard cables and hoses
  • Cooler torches with higher life



  • Small head that is easy to maneuver
  • With the convenient handle, you can work longer with the Torch
  • Water cooled 250A
  • A 25-inch hose with industry-standard connections offers a lot of flexibility
  • Lightweight at 2.95 pounds
  • Flexible


  • Expensive
  • As with the Weldcraft model above, the hose can get hot. A hose cover is recommended



  1. WeldingCity TIG-17FV-12R Torch

            For beginners and welders looking for high-quality performance on a tight budget, WeldingCity TIG-17FV-12R torch from Welding City offers the best value for money. We cooled this product and put it in the air, a standard that goes hand in hand with a maximum of 150A. You do not need water to cool the torch. This way, you can use them practically anywhere you want to carry out a particular project.

        It's an excellent tool for garage applications and outdoor projects with low empires. Although you can work above the maximum nominal output, you must understand that the burner is not designed to cool the air within high output limits. So, be sure to weld at 150 + A for a short time.

        This welding torch's welding torch is provided with a flexible head, which supports you to weld in different positions easily. This burner has easy to use gas valve / off the gas valve, which improves the smooth operation of the device. The handle provides a comfortable grip that maintains hand fatigue in the bay.

      Medium length size cable, Four meters is ideal for most applications. Medium length means you can't cover long distances along the line. As a result, you may need to drag the TIG welder through the workshop with you.

       The box also includes welding machinery such as a 12-foot zipped nylon cable cover, a torch kit, a gas-separated twist connector, and a power wire connection for Miller TIG welders. This package is worth more than your 60$ investment.


  • Premium quality 150Amp air-cooled WP-17FV flexible gas-valve head
  • Nylon cable cover with zipper
  • Rubber power cable hose 57Y01R 12.5-foot


Product information



Part Number   


Item Weight   

6 pounds

Product Dimensions

15 x 15 x 2 inches


Standard Head



Installation Method







  • Comes with a 10 "chuck
  • The table diameter of 13 inches makes it ideal for use in small to medium-sized projects
  • The 10-inch chuck has both outer and inner jaws
  • 110V motor for even performance
  • 4 rpm enable increased accuracy
  • Can cope with a 135 degree incline, which allows you to weld with added convenience
  • The inclination is controlled via the foot pedal



  • Doesn’t have a wide adjustment range
  • Cannot manage more than 4 rpm




  1. Best tig CK TL26 Air Cooled Trim-Line TIG Torch Kit for pipe welding

          TL26-12-RSF FX is the absolute best air-cooled TIG torch available online and also the best TIG torch for tube welding. This Weld Tec Speedway is in a much higher price range than the TIG Flashlight. There is a good reason for this: incredible luxury and flexibility to achieve any welding position.

It only has one medium length pipe, which can be unfortunate if you have to walk with it. However, it is designed for the comfort and flexibility that the brief line offers. The price also shows how much work we have put into the torch itself to expand its efficiency because lead is low.

The air-cooled TIG torch TL26-12-RSF FX was developed for pipe welding, so any other type of TIG welding is a child's play, as pipe welding is the most difficult to maneuver. If you can afford to pay a little more and want an air-cooled flashlight in the market, we recommend this option.

CK offers a full line of world-class industry standard burner models. Standard features include Brass instead of the copperhead (catching, separating or scraping threads) Fail-safe hose connection (no cable ties required) Silicone rubber insulation provides excellent protection against high-frequency leaks.

  • Trim-Line torches significantly reduce the size and weight of your torch, while the amperage remains similar.
  • Larger coolant passage in the head
  • Flex head a maximum of 40 degrees from the center line. Further we can find details and recommendations below.
  • 3 head accessories


Product information


CK Worldwide

Part Number


Item Weight   

3.79 pounds

Product Dimensions

12 x 9 x 3 inches

Installation Method






  • Industry standard size 17 compatible
  • Air cooled
  • 150 amps at 100 percent duty cycles


  • Air-cooled
  • Medium-length lead
  • Highly comfortable
  • Flex-lock head
  • Uses Weldcraft 10N consumable parts
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to handle
  • Flexible head-easier access to tight spots


  • Higher price



  1. WeldingCity TIG Welding Torch WP-26V-25R (Gas-Valve Head)

WeldingCity’s TIG WP-17FV-12R torch is another first option offered for shows due to its low cost. However, it is surprisingly a high-performance burner that helps everyone learn the ropes well. It is not designed for high frequency to start welders or those with automatic gas adjustment, but it is an excellent option for scratch or touches start welders.

This air-cooled torch is air-cooled like the TIG torch CK FL150 and has the same length, which is excellent for most applications. The torch is not designed to cool to over 150 AMP, but can be carefully welded for a brief time.

This torch has many useful functions, including a power card adapter, a pocket, a cable cover, and a pair of TIG gloves. They are not high-quality accessories, but they are still useful Of price this torch is the best online purchase for your money.




Product information



Part Number


Item Weight   

4.44 pounds

Product Dimensions

15 x 15 x 2 inches


Flex/Gas Valve Head





  • Air-cooled
  • High quality TIG welding torch head
  • Gas valve has a metal ball valve
  • Maintains a nice low-heat profile during use
  • Very affordable at less than $15
  • Flexible head with gas valve
  • Includes gloves
  • Medium-length lead
  • Heavy-duty lead
  • Low-priced


  • Not designed for HF start
  • Heats up over 150 amps


  1. How to use tig welding torch?
  2. Connect Torch

If you are using an air-cooled burner, use an adapter from your equipment and insert the burner in front of your device. Also connect your gas hose and regulator.

  1. Connect Remote Control

Insert your foot pedal or fingertip control into the machine

  1. Connect Work Clamp

Insert your work clamp (sometimes called ground clamp) into the machine. Click the other end on your work piece or work table.

  1. Select Polarity

When welding aluminum, turn the current in turn. When welding steel and steel alloys, convert the current to DCEN (Convert current to DCEP when welding bars)

  1. Prepare Tungsten

Grind your tungsten in one place. When welding on aluminum, tungsten forms a ball. If the ball is the same diameter as your tungsten, insert the tungsten again. Sand the length and make about 2/2 of the length in diameter.

Use a grinding wheel with 200 or fine grinder. Do not use the wheel for other work, as otherwise tungsten may become contaminated and affect the quality of welding.

  1. Assemble Torch

Loosen the rear cap and remove the 3/32 "diameter tungsten from your torch. Remove the nozzle and copper rod pieces from your torch. Put the body of the collet and collet back into the torch and place the nozzle back on the burner.

  1. Install Tungsten

Keep the collet in a cooler. Allow about 1/8 to 1/4 inch to come out of the collet (not more than the diameter of the cup). Tighten the back cap.

  1. Check and Connect Power

Make sure the power supply you are connecting to matches the nominal power of your device (see Neptune on the device). If we provide a plug to your machine, keep it in the socket when you want to start welding. You may need to buy a cap that fits your store. If we do not provide a plug to your machine, connect it according to the instructions in the operating instructions.


  1. How do you TIG weld a pipe?

           For many tasks, such as nuclear work, pipelines and consumer goods, we must perform the pipe connection at least through the root or using the first weld tungsten inert gas (TIG) process. Root canals use filler material to close the root space between the weld surfaces and are especially useful when only one part of the weld is accessible. Follow gas-saving, welding preparation, and welding techniques to make your route pass TIG welding successful.

4.1 Back-Purging Techniques

        Clean the welding zone with argon at about 40 cubic feet per hour. Without adequate savings, welding errors such as incomplete penetration, missing fusion, and root pass crack formation and root pass suction can occur. There are two common ways to wash the pipe root pass behind the welding zone: either flush the entire volume of a long pipe run or flush the immediate size locally around the welding zone. A ratio of approximately 4-1 between the reflux purging rate and the torch flow rate is required to perform solid root pass weld.

4.2 Welding Preparation

          Preparation of pipe ends is very important when doing root welding. Clean the tubes about 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the edge of the weld in preparation to the bright metal. Then thoroughly clean and decrease the entire area. You also need to make sure that the pipes are welded properly. The root gap should be at least 1/32 inch longer than the diameter of the larger wire to allow manipulation of the filler wire, even if there is some obstruction during welding.

4.3 Tack Welding

         Thread welding is necessary to ensure that the pipes do not move during welding. Make large wraps and place them often around the diameter of the joint, so that the filler wire is smaller in diameter than the root difference. Grinding tech sweat around the spring can be helpful. Minor defects that may be detected during a radiographic examination may occur during welding when closed.





  1. How to Choose the best tig torch for pipe welding?- Buying guide

        If you don't want to spend more than you need, choosing the right sweeper for your needs can be a challenge. We feel your pain and do some research to find the excellent TIG welders that money can buy. We've compiled this list based on a lot of everyday consumer reviews to make sure you get the best price.

Choose an Ideal TIG Welder

         Before we begin our list, it is essential to talk about the things you should look for in a TIG machine, primarily if you usually work with thin metals. Always try to choose user-friendly and secure design. For example, accessible controls and a foot pedal can make your plans more straightforward.

         Prefer a more comprehensive image range. This will expand the scope of materials you can weld. Low amperage performance allows for better arch stability and better digging.

        A TIG welder that offers both AC and DC outputs can also expand the spectrum of metal types that you can weld. Likewise, AC balance control is an important feature that will allow you to maximize efficiency.

        Heat control is another vital proponent that will make working with thin metals more practical. Also, try going for a high-duty cycle, which is the ability of a TIG welder to maintain a specific output in a ten-minute time frame.



         TIG welding is a controller of welding, accurate process and increases in importance in industrial welding can use the best tig torches for pipe welding. Although it requires more time, practice and preparation than any other welding method, it is not a very difficult process to learn.

         But this requires the use of some sophisticated equipment and TIG practices mastering the various positions of welding. By equipping yourself with the best TIG welding machines, torches and proper gear, any welding operator can become a skilled TIG welder. You can get the best TIG torches for pipe welding.

         The most important thing about choosing the right TIG welding torches for work is to focus on the kind of material you intend to weld and the environment in which you intend to weld. ۔ Determine well what you are welding first and then select one of them TIG shine accordingly