System reserved partition could not be updated ~ Solution for Windows 10

If you want to install Windows 10, especially with Samsung SSD, make a mistake. Distribution limited to system could not be updated. Windows 10 can work on this computer. In any case, we will show you the solution and the correct way to install the operating system.

System reserved partition could not be updated ~ Solution for Windows 10
System reserved partition could not be updated

Solution for Windows 10

The problem is with computers that own Samsung SSDs and copy data from older hard drives using Samsung data migration software. It is known that this software shortens the duration of system-secure distribution on Windows hard drives.

However, since Windows 10 takes up a certain amount of space during installation using this partition, the above error occurs with a failed update.

Of course, to correct a system-protected partition error, you can install your current operating system right after you run Windows 10 Installation Rear. However, many people do not want to do this, but upgrade to maintain their data. The answer is to extend the partition you are reusing. Then do the following:

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First, check that the secure distribution from the system is reduced:
Open Disk Management by pressing the Windows + R key combination, typing disk mgmt.msc, and confirming via entering.
Find the system backup partition in the new window and check the size under capacity.
In Windows 7, the partition is usually 100 MB. In Windows 8 it is 350 MB.
Windows 10: Enhance System Secure Partition
If the backup partition on your computer system is smaller than that, Windows 10 cannot be installed. Then redistribute:

Download AOMI Partition Assistant Standard Tool for free. Note: Aces Partition Master Tool may work, but it is said that there were some issues.

  • Launch the tool and identify the secure partition from the system. It usually does not have a driver's license but has an asterisk (*).
  • To enlarge this distribution, you must first reduce the adjacent distribution. For your Windows, make sure it's parted with Windows, that is, with Driver Letter C.
  • Right-click on the Windows partition and choose Resize.
  • Press all the above graphical representations on the window inside the left dot, press a button, and move the dot to the right place until you have placed the system storage space near the text free space, and the speed Setting system - secure distribution is at least 100 or 350 MB again. Click OK.

In the previous image, drag the right point farther away to enlarge the point with which you have separated the C partition and made it important. Click OK.
Now all preparations are being made. Click the Apply button in the upper left corner of the main application window to apply the changes and confirm the messages.
Windows now start in DOS format and resize the partition.
You can then use Disk Management to test the above to see if your partition has grown properly. Then start remembering the Windows 10 upgrade.