FIX - Most Common SD Card Errors! ~ Solved - SD card was removed unexpectedly

An SD card is a non-volatile memory card format commonly used in portable electronic devices (such as digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) to store digital information. However, more and more users have reported that they have noticed various bugs in the SD card, but they do not know how to fix it (see below).

FIX - Most Common SD Card Errors! ~ Solved - SD card was removed unexpectedly
Solved - SD card was removed unexpectedly

  • The SD card was unexpectedly removed.
  • SD card is broken.
  • You may need to reshape your card.
  • Error reading/writing on SD card
  • SD card is empty, the SD card is the empty or unsupported file system.
    Have you encountered the above mistakes? Do you know how to repair a broken or damaged SD card without losing data?

In today's post, I am going to introduce four common mistakes and fixes of SD card.

Here, to fix the error "SD card was unexpectedly removed", you need to find out what caused the error, and then you can easily fix it.

Causes and solutions

1. SD card is damaged

If you make the mistake of "SD card unexpectedly removed", first check if the memory card is corrupted. Remove the SD card and connect it to another new computer. If you still do not have access to the SD card, it may be defective or damaged. The only solution is to transfer the data first and then replace it with a new SD card.

2. SD card is not formatted

Sometimes the problem is caused by an "SD card unexpectedly removed" error. In that case, formatting this SD card will fix the problem.

The SD card is infected with a virus

If your SD card is infected with a virus, you may get an unexpected SD card. In this case, you can recover the data and then use anti-virus software to scan the card to remove the virus. The bottom line is: if we want to fix the error "SD card unexpectedly removed" without data loss, we must first retrieve the data.

"How do I find an effective solution for recovering data from SD card?"

How to recover data from a broken or corrupted SD card

When recovering data from a broken, corrupted, or formatted SD card, you can use Mini Tool Power Data Recovery. Launched by a leading Canadian software development company, this professional data recovery software effectively removes data from broken, corrupted and formatted hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives and other data illegal devices. Can help recover.

Note: Before you can start recovering power data, you must first connect your SD card to the computer.

In the main interface of Mini Tool Power Data Recovery, you can see 4 different data recovery modes. If you now want to retrieve data from an SD card with the message "SD card unexpectedly removed", you can click on this computer. In short, as long as the partition exists, this mode can be used to try to recover lost data.

Then select the SD card and tap the Scan button to continue. Here you can click on Settings to specify the desired file types and file system. For example, if you just want to retrieve photos and videos, you can check the graphics and images and audio and video as shown below.

After the scan, you will find the following window. Now you can select all the files you need and then click the Save button to save it in a safe place. If you want to retrieve images, you can click the preview function here to view them before saving them.

Note: If you want to recover data from this software, you will need to pay the costs to ignore the limit.
Conclusion: Mini Tool Power Data Recovery can recover lost data easily and quickly without damaging the original data.

Let's talk about another problem with the SD card.

Solution - SD card is bad. You may need to reshape your card.
Have you ever encountered the error "SD card is corrupted. You may need to reformat your card." Concerned? A real example is shown below:

"My phone sent me the following message: 'SD card is corrupted. You may need to reformat your card. I take out my SD card and insert it again. It worked fine, but about 30 minutes. Then I got the same message again. Has this problem affected anyone else? Do I need to reformat my SD card or do I still have the same problem? "

Warning: Do not format the SD card immediately. Otherwise, the original data of the SD card will be lost forever and there is no way to recover it.
In general, you first need to find a suitable data recovery solution to solve this problem effectively without losing data, and then format the corrupted SD card.

Here, Mini Tool Power Data Recovery, a green, easy but professional data recovery software is suggested. With the help of this comprehensive tool, you can recover almost all the lost data from the SD card, unless the lost file was overwritten with new data and the file was not damaged due to hardware error.