How To Become a professional Software Tester | Software Testing as a Career

Would you like to pursue a career in software testing? If you would like information on this, we will inform you in detail in this article that we are giving you information about the professional scope, the jobs, the best universities and fees, etc. in this industry.

How To Become a professional Software Tester | Software Testing as a Career
Software Testing as a Career in 2020
How To Become a professional Software Tester | Software Testing as a Career

Today the scenario of the whole world has changed due to the computer. Computers have made many tasks easier, to which new software contributes a lot. Without them, the computer cannot do any work. Therefore, the software has to do all the work and the software developer develops it. The software tester tests this software. Software testers play an important role in every software development process.

 How To Become a professional Software Tester

To have a career in software testing, the candidate must come from 10 to 2 PCM subjects. After that, we can make a career in this area through a related course in software engineering or computer science.

Nowadays, many institutes and universities offer courses with certificates and diplomas in computer science or software tests. In addition, the International Software Testing Board also offers an international software test course, according to which you can work in software tests besides at home and abroad.

Here students can take courses such as BSc in Computer Science, BCA, MCA, B Tech, and BE to pursue a career. The duration of the BCA course and BSc Computer Science is 3 years.

There are 4 years B.Tech and B.E. Courses. The duration of the diploma course or diploma in IT in computer science is 3 years. It can also hold this course after the 10th. For the MCA course, students should be from BSC Math. The duration of this course is 3 years.

Course For Career in Software Testing

To become a Software Tester you can do the following course. Like-

  1. Diploma in IT
  2. Diploma in Software Testing
  3. Certificate in Software Testing
  4. Bsc in Computer Science
  5. BSC IT
  6. BCA
  7. MCA
  8. BTech
  9. MTech
  10. Diploma in Computer Science

Best Career Scope in Software Testing

There is no confusion about career in this field of computer science. There are brilliant career opportunities available in this field, with each passing day, the employment opportunities in this field are increasing even more.

Today we have digitized the whole world. It's all a computer and you need software to do anything on those computers. The software tester performs the testing of these software. Thus, we can say that there can never be a shortage of job opportunities in this sector.

As the computer sector develops, so does the software industry because the two are complementary. Therefore, the demand for experts in this field is also increasing.

The condition of IT companies in the early days is not very good. But there has been a lot of progress in this area for some time. Governments of all countries, not just India, are promoting digitalization. Due to which there are better opportunities for workers in this industry.

According to some industry experts, India has the potential to capture about 70% of the outsourced testing market. This shows that software testing is the best career choice in terms of career.

Best Career Option in Software Testing

There are many career options in this field. When you leave college after completing a course, you are a fresher, so you start your career as a QA analyst. When you have 2 to 3 years of experience in this field, you are given a senior, they can work as a QA analyst.

After 5 to 6 years of experience, you can work as a QA team coordinator. After 8 to 10 years of experience, you can start your career as a Test Manager. With 14 years or more of experience, you may have the opportunity to work as a Senior Test Manager.

Other career opportunities for software testers

  • Automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Business analyst

Technical skills for software testers

  1. Database Basic Information / MySQL
  2. Knowledge of the perfect tracking tools
  3. Knowledge of test management tools
  4. Linux commands basic information
  5. Knowledge of automation tools