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A system administrator job is for a specialist employee who is qualified to perform all types of network jobs and services related to the organization. The system administrator should be professional in his business, without some knowledge and expertise in this field, it will not work.

system administrator's job |  How to choose the right course? | askjoker
Latest update system administrators job
system administrator's job |  How to choose the right course? | askjoker

System administrator's job | How to choose the right course?

A system administrator is someone who knows:

  • All protocols and all network equipment;
  • Administration of lines with various operating systems;
  • Key aspects of computer hardware repair;
  • Base technical specification PC;
  • Compatibility of different devices;
  • Where the system is really bad;
  • Information Security Rules
  • Network construction planning;

If a person really has such knowledge then there is no doubt in his ability. Such an expert will do a great job with his work.

A system administrator is a person who has:

  • Excellent durability;
  • High mutual skills

Often, foreign experts develop software and computer installations, so the system administrator must be able to speak (read) in English.

In addition, the system administrator is an employee who has:

  • Analytical mindset;
  • Well developed logical thinking

In this case, these features are important in the work, because the work done by system administrator should be at the level of automation. Work should always be clear and mistakes should be minimized.

System administrator Job duties

The job description of the system administrator is quite comprehensive. It is not enough to know and enable them. The person applying for this position must have adequate education or attend system administrator courses. This position leads to the appointment and dismissal of the head of the enterprise's employee directory.


System administrator job description


The following duties are placed on the shoulders of system administrators.

  • Necessary software installation;
  • Identify errors in case of malfunction and recovery of system equipment;
  • Development of proposals for the development of network information infrastructure;
  • Network equipment security;
  • Installation of antivirus programs;
  • Notify the manager of any breach of network equipment usage rules.
  • A system administrator is a person who has the authority to:
  • Software configuration;
  • Support for operational software;
  • User registration in work mail and local networks.
  • Support for technical and program staff;
  • Establishment of usage rights to control the operation of local networks and their use ab
  • Timely copying of all work files;

Introduce rules for using local networks and update their routines. Proposing reform measures for the governing body.


courses to get the desired job.


To work as a system administrator, you must have at least basic skills in this profession. If you do not have higher or specialized secondary education, you can take courses to get the job you want. The System Administrator course provides detailed information on networking based on specific operating systems.

How to choose the right course for Best Job?


When choosing a system administration course, you must pay attention to:

In order to acquire knowledge for really high quality, the best teachers should be experts in their field for their job.

  • Certificates were awarded (at the end of the course).
  • Course limits should be on really important subjects, otherwise, you may waste time and time again.

We must choose the relationship between the network administrator job and other users of the working computer network with special attention to the courses. After all, the work of a system administrator is a link between technology and humans.

  • Course duration can vary from 2 weeks to 2 years.
  • Cost is calculated based on duration and course volume. In the future system, management can be trained both individually and as a group.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their qualifications and newcomers to the field of education, regardless of education, can take such courses.


Where can a system administrator go?

These specialists work in a rapidly evolving field. According to the latest statistics, the system administrator job is one of the most wanted professions, so such a job problem does not arise. The companies that hire administrators for the system are divided into two categories.

  • In simple terms, these are the companies that don't deal with IT. These can be:
  • Tourism agencies
  • Car dealer
  • Companies whose profile has to deal with real estate, such organizations do not go deep into the official duties of a system administrator. They will not be able to control their work, so nothing will be difficult, But standard work will not be appreciated.


These are large sites or companies whose work is related to computer technology:

  • Cellular companies;
  • Processing organizations.

Admin Assistant

A system administrator assistant is someone who cannot compete with a lead worker (for example, because of a Best job).

  • Basic Duties of System Administrator:
  • Assist employees in basic matters for the system administrators.
  • Prepare service equipment for service work;
  • Resolve all issues related to user requests.
  • Fix structural cabling system;
  • Diagnose all issues.

In a different way, an assistant system administrator is called an animator. An assistant system administrator is not a job but a side job. However, the knowledge of the Encyclopaedia should be at the level of system administrator knowledge.  This position is usually claimed by young people who have no special education, or who want to become administrators of the system.