How to Install Bluetooth for Every Car Speakerphone - askjoker

Using Bluetooth is very helpful in mobility, hands are free, and the driver does not deviate from the road. I will explain the principle of operation on my car, well, let’s gets started.

How to Install Bluetooth for Every Car Speakerphone - askjoker
How to Install Bluetooth Car Speakerphone universal bluetooth car kit
How to Install Bluetooth for Every Car Speakerphone - askjoker

  1. First of all, set up the car system. We go to Bluetooth settings and activate the system.
  2. So we turn on Bluetooth on the phone (or the way I fit it using the panel), or on your device, like a tablet with a telephone function. Turn on detection so the car can find our device.
  3. After the car system, connect the phone. After a successful connection, the "Bluetooth" icon should light up on the device panel. This means that the system is ready to work.
  4. After that, you can make calls from the phone, all calls will go through the car's audio system.
  5. If you get out of the car, the network will automatically shut down, but when you get in the car and turn on Bluetooth, the car will connect to your device. That is, a time setting is required

  What is this and what it is?

  We plug this Bluetooth module into the car's Aux input and it turns into a large Bluetooth headset.

As a result of expensive foreign cars, the whole set of music can be transferred from your phone to the speaker in the car, and finding the right song or album can be easy and useful in your smartphone.

Some other points to use are:

Not only is it a Bluetooth receiver, but the headset has a built-in microphone. According to my conversations, you have heard that such a connection scheme is offensive, this is bad

Sound quality for me - not super (I was checking this device by plugging in my headphones). That is, using the theme on your favorite headphones wirelessly, you can of course turn off. But the result, I'm sure, will be disappointing. Therefore, I do not recommend using it for quality demanding tasks. But I'm fine in the car right now - the music background, the bass, where you need to eat, don't scream, don't, don't work on the nerves.

  • When it breaks - it starts in half a minute to introduce each speaker, at first I don't know what it is :


  • It must be turned on while holding the button. It's unnecessary to turn it off - the subject works by itself when time runs out in 10 minutes. we have the ability to cut the battery and power it directly so that it turns on automatically when the car starts. Who will tell you how easy it is to do? By contracting, skills are the same.


  • The charging symbol rings when charged on a red diode.
  • You can pause the song by pressing a button on the subject during playback.
  • Chatterjee Navigator (if the phone works well with them) goes to the speaker



  • Work - can work
  • For many hours without external power
  • Compact size
  • Removable jack adapted male / female
  • Self-closing
  • The sound in the car is acceptable (I will write this, it is very subjective)
  • Now your entire music collection is available in the car (using 64GB microSD from my previous review)


  • Sound, microphone
  • The button must be turned on for a long time each time
  • It would be better to pause to change the track at the push of a button
  • Navigator voice in column (for me it's zero)

Everyone knows that using a Bluetooth headset in a car is a sign of safer and easier driving. However, if the headset does not want to bring conversational sounds to the telephone, but the car is on the speaker, what to do to use Bluetooth?


Bluetooth speaker

The easiest and cheapest solution to this problem is to get a special Bluetooth speakerphone and install them in your car. In Russia, some such solutions are sold by unknown Chinese manufacturers, starting with the cheapest option, through stylish and high-quality products.


One of the most interesting and high-quality solutions in this category is the car Bluetooth speakerphone for hands-free zebra drive. The biggest advantage of Jabra Drive is the ability to connect two phones at once; thanks to the multitasking technology many busy phone owners will especially appreciate this opportunity. The speaker phone supports Bluetooth 3.0 standard and can run up to 20 hours of talk time and 30 days of standby mode.

Jabra Drive is as easy to install as it used to be - after pre-setting the connection on the phone according to the usage instructions, use the attached clip to attach the scrapphone to the sun shade. The stylish design of the speaker phone fits into any car salon, regardless of its class.

We suggest looking at a more expensive option. The Zebra Freeway speaker phone, which provides loud and clear sound; thanks to all three built-in speakers and the surrounding sound technology. The completion of the picture is a possibility to control the sound and if the name of the caller is in your book, you have to pronounce it.

Bluetooth radio with Bluetooth support

Another way to integrate Bluetooth into your car is to buy a car radio with a Bluetooth radio module. As in the case of speakers, the car's radio option supports this. The wireless quality is quite high. You will find radio receivers from manufacturers such as Pioneer, JVC, Sony, Kenwood and many lesser-known companies.

Of the popular car radios, we specifically highlight the following,

  1. Sony Max-BT 3900 U
  2. Pioneer DEH-4400 BT
  3. JVC KD-R821 BTEE

Pioneer DEH-4400 BT

In addition to Bluetooth support, this car receiver has a USB port, which connects to the iPod, plays files in MP3 format, and has an output power of 4 × 50 watts. During the conversation, the recorder automatically sets or deletes the disc to set the radio. The radio also supports playback of tracks from the phone via wireless channels. This radio is one of the most popular devices in this price range.