Fixed bug with invalid partition table

Update ~ - Restore the partition table from the backup - Recreate the MBR on Windows 10 - Install the BIOS from your system's bootable USB stick.

Fixed bug with invalid partition table
Fixed bug with invalid partition table

A partition table is a table that is handled by the operating system on a hard disk and describes the partitions on that hard disk drive. The term is often used to refer to the MBR partition table of the MBR (main boot record) in IBM PC sync devices, noting that other "formats" that often divide the PC into partitions can also be referred to. If the partition table is corrupted or corrupted, the system cannot find the partition for boot and the boot process will end.

Causes of this error

  1. It is known that one of the following causes this error.
  2. Reason 1: The partition table is damaged.
  3. Reason 2: The two partitions are traditionally marked.
  4. Incorrect partition tables, for example, cause lost partitions and problems with startups.
  5. Anyone has an idea on how to fix the wrong partition table on Windows 10/8/7 / Experience? This guide can help you solve this task in many ways.


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Step 1: Download the PC Repair and Optimization Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista - Microsoft Gold Certified).
Step 2: Click on "Start Scan" to find out about Windows registry issues which may cause problems in PC.
Step 3: Click "Fix All" to fix all the issues.

Install the BIOS from your system's bootable USB stick.

  • Connect a bootable USB to a USB port as part of your system.
  • Restart or restart your computer.
  • At startup, press the F12 tip to open the boot device menu. (You'll need to press the F12 iteration until you "create the boot menu only once").
  • Use the arrow steps to select your USB device from the list of machines and press Insert.
  • If the BIOS.exe file does not start automatically, you should do the following:
  • Enter the command prompt E: \ XXXXXXXX.exe (where E is the name of the bootable USB stick and the saved file name of the bootable USB stick can be XXXXXXXX).
  • For example, you could type: E: 67 M6700A08.exe.
  • Press Enter to play the file and install the BIOS.
  • After the update, you will be restarted, and you can save the installation using the system.

Restore the partition table from the backup

When your computer's partition table is now corrupted or incorrect, it can be restored with a backup and repaired. Once you've saved the partition table in good condition, resolve the issue fairly regularly. Follow the steps below to restore the partition table:

Step 1 Launch Disk Genius and you will have the ability to view all hard drives and partitions on the PC. Select the restored hard drive and click Configure Drive menu to select Restore Partition Table Brand.
Step 2 A window will open in which you can select the backup file from the partition box. Find the backup file and click Sensitive.
Step 3 Click Yes when Disk Genes asks Internet Business to restore the partition table from the backup history.

Recreate the MBR on Windows 10

Usually if the error occurs suddenly, if you may have a bad MBR. At this stage, you can fix the incorrect partition table error by rebuilding the MBR in Windows 10. After that, you can choose one of the two methods to fix MBR on Windows.