Chrome bans paid extensions on the Web Store

You can no longer use the integrated payment system in the Chrome Web Store: extensions developers will have to switch to another monetization system. The last farewell date for payment renewals is February 21, 2021.

Chrome bans paid extensions on the Web Store
Chrome bans paid extensions on the Web Store

However, some developers misuse the role of extensions by changing their behavior over time: Chrome extensions: How to prevent people from becoming starving.

After introducing several tools to Chrome to "get a grip" on disrespectful extensions, Google has suggested that the pay extension is no longer available. All that is left is a free match in the Chrome Web Store.

In early March 2020, a Mountain View Company spokesman decided to "turn off" the taps for paid components, but said it was a temporary measure.

However, Google has now announced that as of the beginning of September, developers can no longer create and publish extensions in the Chrome Web Store that are not completely free to install and use. It is no longer possible to develop extensions for Chrome that allow end users to purchase the app.

If extensions that are already funded through the Chrome Web Store (not those that were originally released) will work until February 21, 2021, if Google permanently stops using them.
Google does not want everything used in Chrome to be free, away from it. Moreover, the company is of the opinion that developers should use the Chrome Web Store as a means of payment, and that we may base the latter on alternative monetization systems.