How to become Environmental Engineer । Career in Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering Do you want to pursue a career in environmental engineering? Would you like to become an environmental engineer? If you want to know how to become a career in environmental engineering, you are reading the right post. Here you will find all the information about Environmental Engineering, Career Course. So that you can know this field well. Let us now show you how to become an environmental engineer

How to become Environmental Engineer ।  Career in Environmental Engineering
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How to become Environmental Engineer ।  Career in Environmental Engineering

How to become Environmental Engineer

The environment is very polluted at the moment. Not just India, the whole world is engulfed in it. Here, the best career prospects in environmental engineering have emerged. If you want to take advantage of these career opportunities, then environmental engineering may be a better option for you.

To become an Environmental Engineer, candidates must pass the 12th PCM subject. You can then pursue a career in this field by taking an environmental engineering course. For this, you can get a diploma, degree in environmental engineering. Besides the IIT exam, other state level and university level exams can be taken and admission can be taken in the Environmental Engineering course. Some private colleges also offer admission directly after the twelfth. That way you can build your career in environmental engineering.

Scope of a career in environmental engineering

The future of environmental engineering is bright. There are great career opportunities in this field. In the coming days, there will be more demand for environmental engineering. This is because our environment is becoming more and more polluted. Which needs to be limited and controlled with the help of environmental engineering.

The global environment has been heavily polluted for almost 2 to 3 decades. This rate of pollution will not stop. Pollution is on the rise. Which has terrible consequences? Because of this, the ozone layer that protects us is being destroyed. Greenhouse gases are rising in the atmosphere due to environmental pollution. Due to which biology is having a very bad effect.

Therefore, UNESCO has also developed some rules for controlling the environment globally. All countries have also been instructed to control environmental pollution. For which all countries are working. In such a situation, we are committed to increasing the demand for environmental engineering professionals. Scientific and research institutions are constantly striving to prevent pollution and eliminate their harmful effects.

Increasing environmental awareness is leading to a rise in environmental research. In such a situation, with the government and NGOs working hard to save the environment, the sector is providing unemployment opportunities for the youth. Currently, very few people are taking environmental engineering courses, due to which there is a huge shortage of skilled professionals.

Career option in Environmental Engineering

In the field of environmental engineering, job opportunities are excellent in both government and non-government sectors. You can find many job opportunities here. There is a demand for environmental experts in various NGOs, colleges, and farms. In addition, there are job opportunities in textile mills in refineries, waste treatment industry, food processing, distilleries, environmental scientists, and researchers. You can also work as a teaching and environmental journalist.

  1. Environmental Engineering Course
  2. Diploma in Environmental Engineering
  3. B.Sc in Environmental Engineering
  4. Be in environmental engineering
  5. B.Tech in Environmental Engineering
  6. M.Tech in Environmental Engineering

Eligibility for Environmental Engineering Course
If you want to do BSc in Environmental Engineering, B.Tech or Diploma in Environmental Engineering, you should have passed 12th from PCM. He can do M.Tech after B.Tech in Environmental Engineering. After M.Tech, anyone can pursue a career in teaching and research by doing a Ph.D. The salary is very attractive in this field. In the initial period, you can get a salary of 15 to 30 thousand rupees. After 4 to 5 years of experience, you can earn 60,000 to millions of rupees.

Environmental engineering deals with issues related to the environment and pollution. Environmental engineers strive to balance the environment and prevent and reduce the impact of environmental pollution. Professionals in the fieldwork to reduce emissions from green buildings, rooftop gardens and irrigation, wastewater treatment, and refineries. In addition, recent innovations are being introduced to reduce the side effects of global warming, greenhouse gases, depletion of the ozone layer, reduction of acid rain, etc. and to help create a cleaner environment using new technologies.

Environmental work nature | Environmental technology

  • The Indure Private Limited
  • SPML Infra Limited
  • Sima Labs Pvt Ltd.
  • Brunel India Pvt Ltd.
  • Privi Organics Limited
  • Kalpan Hydro Company
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Dresser-Rand India Pvt Ltd.

Best environmental engineering college in India

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Indian Institute of Technology KanpurIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Gautam Buddha Technical University (UP University of Mysore Technological University), Lucknow Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai University of Pune, Pune, Islamia University Gandhi, DelhiDelhi Technological University, New Delhi Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi