How to make a Commercial real estate lease agent | Best ideas | askjoker

A company that sells and leases houses, apartments, land, and rooms are known as real estate because it lives in the middle of the real estate market and sells real estate on lease.

How to make a Commercial real estate lease agent | Best ideas | askjoker
Best ideas make a real estate agent in 2020 | askjoker
How to make a Commercial real estate lease agent | Best ideas | askjoker

The immovable property owner leaves them to take care of the real estate so they can sell or lease it according to the advance interest stated by the client. Real estate is billed through the payment of a property owner who pays a commission to real estate for the sale or rent of each property and its management.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • The furniture sector is in the process of expansion, and with the increase in population, the number of people willing to buy or rent a property has steadily increased.
  • For those who want to invest in real estate by setting up real estate, it is important to know that this is the right time. According to Informani, industry experts are considering an increase in the price per square meter, which means that the revival of the sector will take place in recent years.
  • The population has overcome the financial crisis by having a direct impact on the recovery of the economy. At the same time, the search for real estate by people increased. Data show that residential property sales have increased by about 10%, and this trend continues.
  • Each enterprise has its own risks, so it is important that branch entrepreneurs examine certain points that are not at a disadvantage.
  • The question of sale and lease of immovable property may not be as fast as the businessman expects, but when the property is not rented or sold, the merchant will have to pay for the property. Meanwhile, when the municipality builds public works nearby or increases the frequency of robberies and attacks in the surrounding area, the value may decrease.


Estimated starting capital

The investment of an enterprise depends on the desired structure of the business it desires and where it will be set up.


SEBRAE estimates that to open a small real estate, it needs around 78,000,000. These costs will include:


  • Equipment and furniture R $ 41,000,000.
  • Assets Qualification R $ 15.000,00.
  • Working Capital R $ 22,000,000.


Market challenges

There are many challenges in its course in every kind of business, each with its own characteristics, but all of them face difficulties at some point. The constant dedication of professionals helps to effectively manage and run the business.

There is competition, and often your company can be disorganized. Be prepared to face failures and defects with an ethical and professional attitude.

Under the same demand, offering multiple customer-related options can help you influence sales or leases. Be prepared to comment and identify the best property. It is interesting to note that an immovable property has a leased website with all available properties for sale and their values. Most successful real estate companies use this tool to attract even more customers and gain publicity. This branch requires the activity of the trader, who meets the needs at the most extraordinary times and occasions.


How to make a real estate agent

To open a real estate business, it is important for the entrepreneur to create a business plan with all the steps of the project. The document should include the overall structure of the business as well as the objectives to be achieved.

The business plan predicts and protects the trader from potential risks. If the business owner is to act as a broker in real estate and if he is to hire a third party, he needs to keep in mind that he should be given the title of technician in real estate transactions and there must be a field. Legally registered with the Regional Council of Realtors)



The site

This is where the business will be established. Very important Flowing places, shopping malls are great options for settling people, getting public exposure, and getting to know yourself.

For example, the site should be conformed to the audience you want to reach: there are real estate developers who focus on college students and develop an expansion, but small real estate, universities The centers are close by, so customers can be reassured and at ease, By the audience.



Equipment used in real estate will be of an administrative nature for the areas of reception, general and financial services, such as:


  • Tables and chairs.
  • Counter for service, software for real estate management.
  • Printers, calculating machines.
  • Computer, telephone, camera.
  • Suspended folders, cabinet archives for managing documents.
  • Air conditioning, water cooler, cup holder.
  • Cash drawers and debit card machines.



Immovable property is intended to provide services, where it is responsible for mediating sales and lease relationships between property owners and interested customers. In this type of business, the owner of the immovable property transfers these assets to a real estate agent for management. These items include:


  • Apartment
  • Land, commercial rooms.
  • Farm, field
  • Lots of shops and buildings.



How to open a company

The entrepreneur should consider a series of steps before opening his company. The accountant can safely add the company's articles and include:

Registration with the Commercial Board


  • Register with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number.
  • Enrollment in the City Hall of the Municipality to obtain a work license.
  • Outline within the Union
  • For INSS and FGTS purposes - enrollment in the social networking system with Caixa Economica Federal.
  • Apply for a license from the fire department for the operation.
  • Request the authority to print the invoice along with the SAFAS (Secretary of Form).
  • Real estate companies must be permanently registered with CRECI as well as their brokers, who must also be registered with the same council. The business must also check the following rules.


  1. Law no. 6.530 12 May 1978.
  2. Decree No. 81.871 dated 26 June 1978.
  3. Law no. 8.078 September 11 to 1990, CDC (User Protection Code)


Useful spreadsheets for real estate


  • Real Estate Appraisal Worksheet


Evaluate a particular asset, compare it to others, and generate Automated Marketing Appraisal (PTAM) feedback.

  • Real Estate Rental Control Sheet

Manage your real estate owners, tenants, and real estate and management account receivable for rent, sales and all functions. The worksheet automatically stabilizes the three control panels with the main indicators and graphs of your real estate rental, one general analyst, one by an individual owner, and the other by default.


  • Real Estate Rental Ltd. Spreadsheet

Lease Control, Lease Report, Transfer to Owner, Real Estate Report, Receipts, Administrative Fees, Vacant Property Cost Management, Personal and Business Expenses Control, Contract Maturity Reminder, Receivable and Payable Receipt of commissions, interest in information, fines and case calculator, photo.

  • Real Estate Spreadsheet For Sale

It is important to control your relationship with the customer who has made a purchase with you, to make a name for yourself in the market and to ensure business flow.

  • Tenant Account Control Worksheet

Your tenants need to pay and know how to track all the bills that have been defaulted.

Control of real estate services

This Excel file brings real estate services control solutions. It allows you to register a number of features that facilitate negotiation management, such as real estate, owner, and interested buyer. Filters let you see who is being hired or sold, who is interested, and so on.